Animal World Map Wall Sticker

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Let your kids explore the world using our Animal World Map Wall Sticker!This map features famous landmarks and animals depicted on each continent. It is a useful education tool that every child must learn. With this fun map, your kids would learn what animals live in a particular continent such as Antartica, Asia, South America, etc. Plus, it gives your home a fresh look and a cozy ambiance.

Printed Size: 73cm x 95cm
Finished Size: (DIY Free Size) arrange them as you wish. Suitable for smooth, clean, dry and hard surfaces; wall, mirrors, metal, glass, ceramic and porcelain are all great mounting surfaces.
The stickers are pre-cut and will only take you several minutes to apply on any surface.
Easy to apply, remove, reposition, and reuse without leaving damage or residue glue.
Environment-friendly purified material, no irritating smell, non-toxic and green.